Donate to Support the St Bartholomew the Great Heritage Trust

(registered Charity No. 283623)

The Heritage Trust was established to unite those with the common interest of preserving and improving of the fabric, ornaments, furniture and monuments of this ancient Church.

It strives to promote a greater knowledge of the Church's extensive history and brings together a community of people who have a particular interest and affection for the Church.

Funds raised ensure that the building is maintained in the best possible condition and visitors are able to learn something of its history and significance.

Most recently, in 2008, the Trust commissioned and funded the installation of two illustrated panels in the Cloister, which show and help people to understand, something of Church's long history.

Please support the efforts of the Trust by making a donation or becoming a Friend. Any help you can offer is hugely appreciated. The hands on the effigy of our founder Priory Rahere clasped in prayer

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