Help us to GROW

What is Christian Stewardship?

Christian Stewardship is about committed giving to the Church. It is more than an appeal for funds or to raise money to meet the church budget. Your giving is focused on our ministry and mission, on making a difference in the lives of people and not simply on the survival of an institution.

The Need

Our policy is that the income from Stewardship should at least meet the cost of the Common Fund (the money paid to the Diocese and used to pay for the central church organisation together with the provision of priests and their housing to parishes) and of employing our administrator. At the time of writing, this amounts to a little less than £80,000. We have not yet managed to achieve this target.

Regular, planned, committed tax-efficient giving allows us to prepare an annual budget in the knowledge that a proportion of our necessary expenditure – for the running of the church and its ministry – is covered by committed giving.

How to Give

Each of us will be able to afford a different amount – everyone understands that. The important thing is the principle of committing to support the work of the Priory Church financially to the extent that you feel right.

Please reflect on what it costs to run and maintain our beautiful church and to carry out our ministry, and make a stewardship pledge. You can download the Stewardship form by clicking this link, filling it in, and returning it to the Parish Office at:

SBG Parish Office
Church House
Cloth Fair