Advent, Christmas & Epiphany Services & Events 2015/2016

Advent at S. Bartholomew the Great

The details of the Priory Church's own services for Advent 2015 through to Epiphany 2016 can be found below.
The details of events organized by or on behalf of external organizations will be posted later in 2015.

Altogether, we will be putting on nine special services during this season. These are as follows: Advent Carol Service (Sun 29th Nov 2015 at 6:30pm – Please note, this will now be on Advent Sunday, NOT Advent II, as in the past); Tomorrow I will come, a sequence of words and music linking Advent to Christmas (Sun 13th Dec 2015 at 6:30pm); Weekday Nine Lessons & Carols, to which some of our associated Livery Companies are especially invited (Tue 15th Dec 2015 at 6:00pm); Sunday Nine Lessons & Carols, our main Christmas Carol service (Sun 20th Dec 2015 at 6:30pm); A Ceremony of Carols, containing Britten's work for upper voices and harp (Mon 21st Dec 2015 at 6:00pm); Lunchtime Carol Service – a specially shortened service to fit into the working day (Tue 22nd Dec 2015 at 1:00pm); A Star-Spangled Christmas, a special carol service celebrating the American Christmas tradition, with carols from the Americas and carol tunes as sung in the USA, (Tue 22nd Dec 2015 at 6:00pm); Stille Nacht, a special carol service with music drawn mainly from the very beautiful German Christmas Carol tradition (Wed 23rd Dec at 6:00pm); and finally, our Epiphany Carol Service (Sun 3th January 2016 at 6:30pm). Details of all these services can be found below.

Sun 29th Nov 2015 Advent Sunday
9:00amHoly Communion
10:00amFamily Eucharist (with hymns) at S. Bartholomew the Less
11:00amSolemn Eucharist
6:30pmAdvent Carol Service
Sun 6th Dec 2015 Advent II
9:00amHoly Communion
10:00amFamily Eucharist (with hymns) at S. Bartholomew the Less
11:00amSolemn Eucharist
6:30pmEvensong & Sermon
Sun 13th Dec 2015 Advent III – Gaudete Sunday
9:00amHoly Communion
10:00amFamily Eucharist (with hymns) at S. Bartholomew the Less
11:00amSolemn Eucharist
6:30pmTomorrow I will come
A special service linking Advent with Christmas, based on the great
O Antiphons used in the seven days leading up to Christmas Eve
With the Priory Church Choir and the Rahere Singers

Tue 15th Dec 2015 6:00pm  Priory Church: A Service of Nine Lessons and Carols 
Sun 20th Dec 2015 Advent IV
9:00amHoly Communion
10:00amFamily Eucharist (with hymns) at S. Bartholomew the Less
11:00amSolemn Eucharist
6:30pmA Service of Nine Lessons & Carols
Mon 21st Dec 2015 6:00pm  Priory Church Carol Service:
Music: The Ceremony of Carols – Benjamin Britten
Tue 23rd Dec 2015 1:00pm  Priory Church Lunchtime Carol Service 
A specially shortened carol service designed to fit into a lunchtime in a busy working day
6:00pm  A Star-Spangled Christmas
A Service of Lessons and Carols from the Christmas tradition in the USA
This is a new carol service at the Priory Church. Numerous Christmas Carols that we regard as part of our English Christmas actually began life in America and only came here later. It came upon the midnight clear, O little town of Bethelehem, We three Kings of Orient are, Away in a manger, Deck the Halls, are all examples of this. In many cases, they are still sung in the USA to the original tunes with which they were equipped when they were first sung. This carol service will include choir carols written in the Americas, and where there is an American tune for a familiar congregational carol, that is the one we will be using. It should be a real star-spangled occasion.
Wed 23rd Dec 2015 6:00pm  Stille Nacht
A Service of Lessons and Carols with music from Germany
Many aspects of the English Christmas in fact come to us from Germany. Prince Albert, consort of Queen Victoria, introduced the domestic Christmas Tree and Christmas Cards to the United Kingdom, and they spread from there to the United States. But while the UK and the US share a great deal of Christmas music, German Christmas music is largely very different – but very wonderful. This is a service with a difference, a Nine Lessons & Carols with music drawn from the German Christmas tradition. You won't be disappointed!

Christmas Eve, 24th December 2015
12:30pm Vigil Mass in the Lady Chapel
The church will be open from 11:00pm, when there will be trumpet music
11:45pm The Midnight Mass of the Nativity
with the Blessing of the Crib, Procession,
Solemn Eucharist & Marian Anthem
with choir and trumpets
Christmas Day, 25th December 2015
9:00am Holy Communion
11:00am Solemn Eucharist with Procession to the Crib
This service is particularly suitable for children
There is no Evensong today

Sun 27th Dec 2015 S. John, Apostle & Evangelist
9:00amHoly Communion
11:00amSung Eucharist (in the Lady Chapel) & Procession to the Crib
6:30pmChoral Evensong & Sermon
Sun 3rd Jan 2015 The Epiphany of the Lord
9:00am Holy Communion
11:00amThe Ceremony of the Kings and Solemn Eucharist
6:30pmEpiphany Carol Service
Christmas Tree and the Prior's Tomb

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Christmas Tree and Ramsden Candles

Big Christmas Tree in the South Transept and Ambulatory

Candles with Christmas Tree

Ambulatory with Christmas Tree

One of the Candlestands owned by Tenebrae

Christmas Trees and the High Altar