15th April 2017 - Easter Eve

This is the beginning of our Easter celebration, and another very atmospheric service. The church begins in total darkness with the congregation gathered outside on the church path (something new this year). A small fire is lit in a brazier, symbolizing the Light of Christ returning to the world in the Resurrection. From this, the Paschal Candle, incense, and the congregational candles (which will have been given to each person present) are lit. The Paschal Candle is carried into the church, with everyone following. The Exsultet – the proclamation of Easter – is sung by the Deacon, still illuminated only by candlelight. At its conclusion, every candle in the church is lit as the first Gloria of Easter is sung by the choir. This is followed by a short sequence of readings, anthems, hymns and prayers telling the story from the creation of the world to the promise of redemption through the Cross and Resurrection. Then all corners of the church are incensed while a Te Deum is sung by the choir. The service ends; we return on Sunday for the First Mass of Easter.